Should Trans People Play Sports?

Isn’t the point sports, for us to have fun? Enjoy each other’s company through movement or watch people playing a game they love? Are sports even sports anymore? Competitive sports seem more similar to Roman gladiators, fighting for their lives in a coliseum than a pastime. Sure, no one is being chased by lions, but too many people stake their entire lives on a game. And too many people are looking for reasons to attack trans people. Trans people playing sports seems to be the perfect opportunity to be as loudly transphobic as possible.

UPenn swimmer, Lia Thomson, is the latest in a growing list of transgender athletes facing the wrath of a transphobic world. Currently, the science on transgender woman competing with cisgender women is still fairly new. Not because of a lack of interest but because the scientific community treating trans folx like human beings is relatively new. But would it really matter if it wasn’t? Would all the scientific evidence on Earth convince people not to hate?

I happen to identify as an athlete who is transgender. I lift weights and participate in endurance races. If I’m forced to choose a binary gender, I’ll choose female. Of course. This may be a controversial to mention but my body is not the same a cisgender women, because I went through the effects of testosterone puberty. I’m taller than most cisgender women and my bones are different. Does this give me a competitive advantage? It depends on the sport. My sport of choice is Crossfit. Over time we’ve learned that shorter people usually excel at many of the exercises required in competition. This means that I, with my longer body, will have a harder time getting weight over my head than shorter competitors. The current champion, Tia Coomey, stands at 5’6 and can clean and jerk about a hundred pounds more than I can.  If my transness gives me a competitive advantage I have not experienced it.

I recently wrote about Alana McLaughlin for Mx Media Magazine who is a transgender MMA fighter. Which you are welcome to read. One of the major points is, I am not a scientist. Everything I have said so far is based on my own experience and could be dead wrong. I’m happy to be proven wrong by unbiased studies. I wish this wasn’t so hard for other people to do. Admit they can be wrong.

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